1st mini ALBUM
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  1. 01 TSUKIYO YUKIYO listening
  2. 02 HANAsMAI listening
  3. 03 SAKURA MATA SAKU KARA listening
  4. 04 SAKURA – Cherry blossoms
  5. 05 YOIMACHIGUSA listening
  6. 06 HARU NO YUME

Self Liner Notes. [Comments by MIMI]

01 TSUKIYO YUKIYO – A moonlit night A snowy night

This is the only Winter song in this Mini Album.
I made it with Jun, a sound producer, (good looking guy btw !!!) by four-hand piano.
I don’t think four-hand piano is very common but I always wanted to do.
It lasted 8 minutes when first composed and I found it far too long so made it shorten for 2 minutes.
This is my first work for NADESHIKO and one of my favorites.

02 HANAsMAI – Dance of Flowers

As Winter goes by, Spring comes and everything turns green.
I pictured Spring images in my mind.
Tempo free, Very Springish !!!
I usually don’t sing but joined as a chorus for the first time !!!
You can hear the full rich tone of TOSHIE’s “SHINOBUE”, Japanese flute.


My image of Spring…
It’s warm and soft but it makes me a bit lonely especially when the beautiful Cherry blossoms fall on the ground.
Looking forward to seeing them in bloom.
Getting excited to find the first one in bud.
Feeling sad when they’re gone.
Wishing them come back to me next year.
All those feelings are pretty much the same as the feelings for someone you miss or someone who lives far.

04 SAKURA – Cherry blossoms

I know you’ll say, “ I know this song!”.
Yes. This is the one that everyone knows in Japan.
Old classic, beautiful melody.
I always love this song since childhood.
Arranged it in our “NADESHIKO style” but tried not to change the original image of this song.
TOSHIE, Flutist, did great work for us.
She only listened once and played perfectly ad-lib !!!
It was the quickest recording we’ve ever done.
Oh, I love this introduction, too.

05 YOIMACHIGUSA – An Evening Primrose

A cover song.
Very popular one in TAISHO era, composed by a famous poet YUMEJI TAKEHISA who was also famous for his admiration for women.
This, one of his finest works, is often played with the strings or sung by soprano singers.
But I wanted to play it differently.
I thought about the electric tone first but it may lose its sexiness.
Jun who arranged this song and I discussed over and over and finally came up to the idea of using Harp.
It sounds perfect to us.
It will surely hit your heart !
KOHAKU’s voice is really sexy !

06 HARU NO YUME – Spring Dreams

We made this Album believing that simple is the best.
Arranged it with single singing voice and single piano only.
It may sound too soft but it has deep meanings behind.
Like the way a girl grows into a woman.
Won’t talk much about when no words mean more.

07 SAKURA SAKURA SAKURA – Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms

An additional song that also became the title of this Mini Album.
I wanted to end with something like “HANAMAI”, 2nd song in this Album.
You may find the word “SAKURA” too many times but it made this song even more Springish to me.
You may feel reminiscent after listening to the whole Album.