Formed in May 2006 with KOHAKU, Utatsuzuribito / Vocalist, and MIMI, Otokanadebito / Pianist.

Successfully created own “NADESHIKO style” that is harmonizing the old classic Japanese music with the new modern pop music.
Beautiful melodies with graceful voice and piano bring images of sweetness, dignity and strength in stillness.
You’ll be inspired to recall Japanese sprit.

SAKURA : Cherry blossoms
NADESHIKO : A name of a flower that also means a beauty who is nice, classy and decent in old times in Japan.

KOHAKU (Utatsuzuribito / Vocalist)

KOHAKU (Utatsuzuribito / Vocalist)

Has been playing the xylophone since childhood.
Worked for demo tapes and played in her own band before met MIMI.
Now working on “NADESHIKO style” with MIMI.

MIMI (Otokanadebito / Pianist)

MIMI (Otokanadebito / Pianist)

Has been playing the piano since age of four.
Her music career started with compositions of a class song at 4th grade and musical “Sleeping Beauty” at 6th grade.
Composed a lot of songs for such things as TV shows, CM etc while playing for Weddings, Parties, Events and Live bands.
Now working on “NADESHIKO style” with KOHAKU.